10 Actors That Reddit Wants In 'The White Lotus' Season 3

The White Lotus' second season has just ended, leaving fans shocked and craving more from the award-winning and buzzy series.

10 Actors That Reddit Wants In 'The White Lotus' Season 3

The White Lotus' second season has just ended, leaving fans shocked and craving more from the award-winning and buzzy series. Season 1 of the series took place at a White Lotus resort in Hawaii, and Season 2 saw a cast of mostly new characters at a White Lotus resort in Sicily. The White Lotus, written and directed by Mike White, was already renewed for a 3rd season. Fans of the series are already trying to figure out who could be on the next season and fan-casting with their favorite actors. A thread on Reddit, particularly, is trying to sensibly sort through the actors they think are the best for Season 3. Laura Dern Image via Sony Pictures Classics Among many of the actors mentioned in the thread, Laura Dern is extremely popular. Apparently, there is a theory that this star could be the ex-wife of Dominic, a character in the second season. Dern could be a perfect option for a character to join the cast of The White Lotus season 3.

Considering she has been a part of other HBO shows like Big Little Lies and Enlightened (which was written by White, the creator of The White Lotus), she understands the tone of the show quite well and could be a perfect fit. If there's anyone that could be a viable candidate for season 3, it very well could be Dern! Image via Bleecker Street Toni Collette was another popular option among many Redditers in the thread. Collette is a pretty well-known actor thanks her to phenomenal performances in Hereditary, The Staircase, and The Sixth Sense. Horror and thriller tend to be her genre, and she could fit the thrilling atmosphere of The White Lotus quite well. And, since every season of The White Lotus surrounds a murder on the resort, Collette's experience in the highly-acclaimed Knives Out movie presents her as a great candidate for season 3. Image via HBO Friends and comedy icon Lisa Kudrow would be a great addition to the cast of The White Lotus for season 3, and many Redditers agree. Kudrow is most known for her role as Phoebe on the hit sitcom Friends, but she has had a huge career after. She has been seen in Death to 2020, Neighbors, and The Comeback.

Kudrow has the comedy chops to play White's subtle satire so well. She is such an intelligent actor, and many Redditers speculate her playing a rich mother who 'insults her husband and kids.' Quite humorous, indeed. Will Poulter is an actor mentioned on the Reddit list that is a great fit for the tone of The White Lotus. Poulter has gained tons of popularity within the past decade for being films like The Maze Runner, Midsommar, and We're the Millers. The actor is extremely versatile and thrives in any genre.

He will even be in the new Guardians of the Galaxy film! In terms of The White Lotus, Poulter could easily fit in the cast for Season 3. Whether he is a young traveler, honeymooner, or a part of the staff for the resort, Poulter's skills could most definitely be put to use. Image via A24 Lee Pace was another actor mentioned in the Reddit thread. Due to Pace's role in the new Bodies Bodies Bodies, fans started to agree that he could be a great addition to The White Lotus franchise.

Additionally, since his new photoshoot, the public seems to be enjoying the aesthetic and new look that he is going for as an actor. Many users said he could be a new age scammer at the resort or could be an uncle in the series. Another actor not at all unfamiliar with the styling of HBO shows that many fans on the Reddit thread voted for was Hugh Laurie. Laurie has been seen in both Avenue 5 and Veep as a comedic, straight-man character. As an actor, he tends to do really well at understanding the subtleties of the script.

In The White Lotus, he could easily be a candidate for a crumbling Hotel Manager or deranged father. Laurie is also a very versatile actor and has a variety of possibilities if he were to join the cast. Image via Miramax An actor that many fans become very excited about in discussing possible cast members was Jon Hamm. Hamm is most known for his role in the hit series Mad Men. He has also been seen in Confess, Fletch, Baby Driver, and The Morning Show.

Reddit users discussed that Hamm could be a great hotel manager in the series and that he would probably be 'so hated.' That, in turn, makes for great television! Adam Scott, the Severance and Parks and Recreation actor, was another candidate many Reddit users really want to join the cast of The White Lotus Season 3. Scott also has an enormous range as an actor, playing comedy, emotional drama, and psychological thriller with such strength.

Some fans think he could be a great guest; A businessman on a work trip or a pretty terrible husband were some options thrown out among users. Image via Apple TV+ Maya Rudolph, former Saturday Night Live actor and Big Mouth star, was yet another name thrown into the mix among Reddit users for actors who should join Season 3 of The White Lotus. Rudolph is mostly a comedic actor, having been in iconic films and television shows like Bridesmaids, Grown Ups, and The Good Place. However, she would not be the first SNL alum to join the cast of The White Lotus. On Season 1, Molly Shannon played the intrusive mother of Shane. Image via Matthew Murphy The iconic Jane Lynch is a phenomenal candidate for Season 3 of The White Lotus, and Reddit users agree. Lynch is most well-known for her performance on Glee as the sassy, calculating, and sarcastic Sue Sylvester, but she has also been seen in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and as the host of The Weakest Link.

Fans speculated that she could be a tough-as-nails resort manager or maybe even a travel agent. Regardless, Lynch would be a hilarious addition.

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