10 of the Best Metaverse Cryptos with Long-Term Potential

The metaverse was one of the most talked-about trends of the last crypto market cycle. With companies like Meta getting involved, many are expecting it to be

10 of the Best Metaverse Cryptos with Long-Term Potential

The metaverse was one of the most talked-about trends of the last crypto market cycle. With companies like Meta getting involved, many are expecting it to be one of the dominant trends of the next cycle as well. This list should help you figure out just that. Keep reading to find 10 of the best metaverse cryptos with long-term potential.

Metacade is the first virtual arcade in Web3. It's a platform gamers can visit to access the latest P2E and GameFi projects in just one single place. Users can play games casually on their own or with friends, or they can play competitively to climb leaderboards and enter tournaments with prize funds. And since Metacade has a focus on P2E gaming, gamers can also earn while they play. Users can earn MCADE by doing beta-testing, winning tournaments and prize draws, and contributing to the community. They can also use MCADE in governance voting and deciding which projects receive funding via Metagrants. This ensures that the community always has a steady stream of new Web3 gaming projects to enjoy in the Metacade. This adds up to a project with the promise of real longevity. In fact, Metacade looks like it could be a mainstay of the metaverse and GameFi as a whole. That means if this is a project you want to invest in, the sooner you get in on it the better. And like Minecraft, it's a virtual world in which players can own land, engage with the environment, and play with other gamers in different mini-games and social events. This shows that it has buy-in already from both community members and major investment funds. The project is always evolving and should continue providing great gaming experiences that appeal to players beyond the Web3 ecosystem for years to come. However, Decentraland also has an interesting mechanic with wearables for user characters that helps it stand out. But these aren't just designed by the Decentraland team. They can be submitted by other users, which opens up a cool way for virtual artists to earn income online. That makes it very likely that this project will be around for years to come.

Treasure may become one of the best metaverse projects of the next cycle for a few reasons. First, it's Arbitrum's biggest metaverse project already which is important because Arbitrum is emerging as the premier Ethereum layer-2. Its native token, MAGIC, will help to connect different games into a single cohesive ecosystem so that players can transfer assets between them with fewer barriers. That gives it another path towards relevance that increases the chance of this project succeeding over the long term. It's the original P2E game, which brought the concept of play-to-earn to the masses and helped to create a thriving P2E industry in its wake. You get to own monsters, battle them against other players, and make money when you win. That's a formula that should allow this project to continue succeeding for years to come - especially as the Axie team continues innovating and adding new features to its game. Players sometimes need to be able to spend thousands on NFTs to put together a basic team that they can use to simply play a P2E game and start earning income. This high barrier to entry makes it difficult for some of the smartest and most talented gamers across the planet to enjoy the best P2E games. Merit Circle was designed to fix that problem, however. They expand access to this ecosystem and will become sought after as the price of entry for the top games continues going up due to higher levels of demand for key assets. It's reminiscent of a P2E version of the popular Nintendo franchise, Animal Crossing. When you put it all together, you get a Web3 game that's truly enjoyable to play, which should help it thrive when the crypto bull market returns. It puts players into a world of mages and knights, quests, and summoning. The experience is unlike anything else in the world of P2E gaming. However, it's had some struggles since then, thanks to the broader downturn in crypto markets. It has a sizeable user base, which should become more vocal and active once the bull market returns.

The Metaverse Index isn't a standalone metaverse project on its own. Instead, it's a single token that investors can purchase to gain exposure to many of the best metaverse cryptos in the market. This allows a person to get broad exposure to the metaverse industry as a whole with a single buy.

Enjin Coin is one of the best metaverse projects that's creating infrastructure for the industry. The company's software development kits and business-friendly NFT tooling have allowed it to carve out a niche that should serve it well for years to come. Instead, it appeals to Web2 companies and Web3 developers who pay a fee to access the company's helpful tools. There's a lot of potential to be had of course but if you're only picking one token to invest in then Metacade is likely going to be your best bet. It also opens up tons of money-making opportunities for the public to enjoy without requiring a large barrier of entry to access them. With its high potential for longevity and earning, Metacade is getting lots of attention and with good reason.