Apex Legends Mobile To Be Shut Down In May

Alongside the delay of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Respawn Entertainment has also announced the closure of Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile To Be Shut Down In May

Publisher EA and developer Respawn have announced that Apex Legends Mobile will halt services on May 1st. An extensive FAQ is also now available on the official Apex Legends website to answer any questions about the game's shut down and any in-game purchases. "In terms of what players can expect from here, today marks the beginning of a ninety (90) day window before we sunset the game." Respawn marked the beginning of the end in its official statement, and confirmed that remaining Syndicate Gold can still be spent for the next three months.

"During this period, players can spend their existing Syndicate Gold and continue playing the full game. At 4 PM PDT on May 1st, 2023, we will cease operations in all regions, and the game will no longer be playable." Apex Legends Mobile will disable all real money purchases as of 1 PM PST, January 31st. EA confirmed that it won't be providing refunds for real money purchases as per the terms of the EA User Agreement.

The web store will no longer be accessible, and all game content sold on third-party stores will no longer be available. Apex Legends will still continue to run and be supported normally on PC and consoles, and the decision to halt services is mobile-specific according to the FAQ answers. For lore enthusiasts who are wondering about the mobile's place in the bigger universe of Apex Legends, Respawn has confirmed before that Apex Legends Mobile is canon.

It uses different versions of the maps players are accustomed to, but it's not an alternate universe. The maps in Apex Legends PC are the ones that are the most up-to-date canonically. Respawn also says it remains confident in mobile as a platform, and that it is looking forward to future opportunities where it can serve the mobile fanbase.

This decision to halt operations also involved the development of the unreleased Battlefield mobile title. The reason, according to Respawn, is that the industry has evolved and that it has to plan accordingly if it wants to create a deeply connected Battlefield ecosystem and deliver the best vision for the franchise to players. The team is also currently working hard on Battlefield 2042, and teases future Battlefield projects currently in the pre-production phase across all EA global studios.

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