California Pizza Kitchen launches domestic re-franchising program

CPK is looking for new operators to take over existing locations.

California Pizza Kitchen launches domestic re-franchising program

California Pizza Kitchen is launching a franchise program to expand their presence in select U.S. markets.

The company is looking for operators who are interested in buying existing CPK restaurants. They want to partner with "experienced multiunit restaurant operators," the statement read.

As part of the next phase of development and growth, CPK is looking forward to working with multi-unit operators who share our commitment to innovation, excellence and customer service, which has driven CPK's success since its founding in 1985.

CPK launched its domestic franchise program in December 2021, and opened both international and domestic locations last year. The brand is present in more than 180 countries and U.S. Territories, including 44 international franchises and 17 domestic franchises in U.S. airports, stadiums and casinos.

CPK has opened new offices in India, Chile, Costa Rica, and Canada, in addition to its expansion in India.

CPK offers franchisees the ability to customize menus, layouts, and other offerings in order for each location to be aligned with their market's consumer needs. The brand offers franchisees a variety of tools and resources, including mobile and expanded technology capabilities at each location as well as training for all aspects of business.

California Pizza Kitchen CEO Jeff Warne said, "California Pizza Kitchen is a leader in restaurant industry because our owners and operators are dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience in CPK restaurants around the world. As we continue to grow, we are excited to build on the strong foundation we have already built while developing CPK's unique franchising offering.