Choosing Practical Gifts for Internet Content Creation? Take a Look at the Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles

Maono seized the opportunity of the rapid growth of the global live-streaming and podcasting market by launching 4 podcast equipment bundles. Check them out here:

Choosing Practical Gifts for Internet Content Creation? Take a Look at the Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles

David Thompson, Tech Times 20 December 2022, 09:12 am In recent years, due to factors such as the sharp increase in smartphone usage, the development of 5G technology, and the global pandemic since 2020, watching live-streaming on YouTube or Twitch, listening to podcasts, and uploading short videos on TikTok have gradually become indispensable parts of more and more people's daily life. It is estimated that the global live-streaming market will reach over $247 billion by 2027 (Vimeo). Meanwhile, the market size of podcasting should not be underestimated, which is predicted to be worth $153,071 million by 2030 (Acumen Research and Consulting).

Maono, a leading global brand of Internet audio products that provide high-quality services for Internet content creators, has seized the opportunity of the rapid growth of these two markets by launching 4 podcast equipment bundles (audio interface+microphone(headphones)) for both podcasting and live-streaming since 2020. If you want to choose a practical gift suitable for Internet content creation for yourself, friends, or family members, you may wish to take a look below. (Photo : Maono) As Maono's first audio interface, the Maonocaster AM100 achieved great success, raising over $700,000 through Kickstarter and becoming the No.1 in the audio category on the platform at that time, which showed that audio enthusiasts were very interested in it.

In addition to this, it also won the 2021 CES Innovation Awards. (Photo : Maono) This podcast production studio is suitable for relatively professional Internet content creators, featuring separate and high-quality mic amplifiers with 2 XLR interfaces and supporting 48V phantom power. Users can connect premium microphones, like Maono PM500, to it.

All 7 custom sound effect buttons are programmable with the included PC/Mac APP. Besides, 6 reverb modes, auto-tune, and pitch changers can conveniently fine-tune your audio content. Let's see the famous gaming media MMORPG's opinion on this product: 'it's hard not to be impressed by it.

The sound quality is crisp and clean, and being able to produce a full stream is much easier than with software solutions.' Stylish Choice: Maonocaster Lite AM200 for Average Users on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Based on the success of AM100, this brand designed the Maonocaster Lite AM200, which is more friendly to novices. The AM200-S1 bundle in this series became the 'Best Podcast Equipment Bundles' on Amazon in the US, UK, and other countries. There are 8 pre-loaded and 4 user-custom sound effect buttons on the audio interface.

And the 4 pitch changers make this audio interface even more entertaining. (Photo : Maono) Rich Features: Maonocaster E2 Is Compatible With Professional Mics Requiring 48V Phantom Power and Regular 3.5MM Mics Through the feedback collected from users, the Maonocaster E2 A podcast equipment bundle, which is based on the Maonocaster Lite series, was launched this year. It is a bundle for users who already have some experience and want to upgrade their equipment.

Unlike the AM200, Maonocaster E2 uses higher quality amplifiers and supports 48V phantom power like the AM100, and professional XLR microphones, such as Maono PD400X, Shure SM7B, etc., can be connected to it for better audio quality. (Photo : Maono) The number of custom sound effect buttons was increased to 11 to make the content more personalized. And the more professional denoise technology brings a better experience to the audience.

What did a professional technology media say about the E2 A? 'This bundle brings great sound and ease of use, which in turn means you can focus on your content and not the mechanics of producing it.' (The Gadgeteer) A new audio interface called Maonocaster E3 is expected to be launched next year. It supports premium dynamic and condenser microphones and music instrument inputs and offers various audio processing on board. Surprisingly, it has already won the 2023 CES Innovation Awards.

Which of the above audio interfaces are you more interested in? They all integrate digital audio mixing equipment into one simple solution, saving users time in post-editing and expending more energy to focus on content creation. They don't differ much in appearance, but the actual features are tailored by Maono for users at different stages. As Christmas and New Year's Day are approaching, attractive festive packages were released for E2 and AM200.

Since 2020, verified by data from Amazon, Lazada, and other e-commerce platforms, the podcast equipment bundles from Maono have become great gift-giving items during the holiday season. Both novices and experienced Internet content creators will have fun with these bundles. Looking forward to the release of the E3 to see whether this brand will bring more surprises to users.

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