Comprehensively improve medical treatment capabilities to protect people's life, health and safety_China Jiangsu Net

On the afternoon of December 21, Zhang Baojuan, secretary of the municipal Party Committee, chaired a video conference on the medical treatment of new coronary pneumonia in the city, listened to the…

Comprehensively improve medical treatment capabilities to protect people's life, health and safety_China Jiangsu Net

Zhang Baojuan (secretary of the municipal Party Committee) presided over a video conference about the medical treatment for new coronary pneumonia in Yangzhou. He listened to the situation report and expressed condolences to the many health workers who are fighting the epidemic.

Zhang Baojuan noted that the changing epidemic situation has brought new pressures and challenges to Yangzhou's medical care system. The vast majority of city's health and medical workers have to adhere to the decisions and alignments made by the Central Party Committee, State Council, Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. We will do our best in the critical window before the epidemic peak to ensure that we can expand fever clinics, set up sub-designated hospital, provide medical care in rural areas, and reserve critical resources. Improve medical treatment, protect lives and health, and ensure smooth transitions of epidemic prevention and control.

Zhang Baojuan stated that it is important to make every effort in improving the diagnostic and treatment capabilities at fever clinics. To accelerate the growth and transformation of fever centers, and to expand the capacity in existing hospitals for fever clinics according to the applicable requirements, it is important to optimize the establishment of fever centres. Additionally, pediatric clinics and fever clinics should also be established in outpatient areas of hospitals, in accordance to regulations. Expanding regional fever centers and transformable medical institutions of base-skilled regional fever clinics will help meet citizens' medical needs. This will also reduce the burden on secondary and third-tier medical institutions. They can also help to divert fever patients by guiding them scientifically to buy drugs. It is important to increase the capacity of hospitals that are not designated. It is important to upgrade the square cabin hospital and make it a sub-designated facility. This will allow for timely allocation of ICU beds and other equipment, as well as providing health guidance to home care personnel. To be able to provide quality symptomatic and drug guidance, follow-up services, and to unblock referrals between designated hospitals and the community, a team must be trained. It is important to improve the critical care resource in tertiary hospital. We will continue to expand and transform critically ill beds and strengthen the training and allocation of medical personnel. By the end of the month, the standard for intensive care beds will be met. Critically ill patients will receive prompt treatment. It is important to increase the capacity of rural medical services. It is important to take on the role as a grassroots organization, consolidate the responsibilities from municipalities, village neighborhoods committees, and village doctors.

Zhang Baojuan demanded that the support, care, protection, and incentives for medical staff be significantly increased. It is essential to integrate and expand the medical and nursing force, to improve the overall planning and deployment, as well as maintain the stability of the team and its combat effectiveness. In addition, it is important to increase the protection and incentive of medical personnel, to increase the supply and quality of medical supplies, such key drugs and medical equipment, and to fully fulfill the needs for medical care. It is also necessary to ensure that front-line medical personnel are paid and treated properly. Additionally, logistics services must be guaranteed so that they can fully focus on medical care. The Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Office must improve overall coordination and planning so that problems can quickly be resolved, progress can be monitored and promoted, and relief measures and policies can be implemented and guaranteed. This will ensure a smooth transition and stability to the social order.

Zhang Changjin (standing committee member of municipal party committee) and Zhao Qinghong (standing committee member municipal party committee general secretary and deputy mayor) attended the meeting.