Dayton defense startup Infinity Labs readies for expansion

The startup is continuing a growth pattern that will lead to an upcoming expansion.

Dayton defense startup Infinity Labs readies for expansion

Dayton's technology startup continues to grow, which will eventually lead to a new expansion.

The group is looking to expand its space in a downtown Dayton landmark building while also exploring other options.

Infinity Labs is seeking a new location for its collaborative research, workforce development, and innovation center concept. CEO Ken Edge said that Infinity Labs occupies 5,000 sq. ft. on the second-floor of the Kuhns building in the Dayton Arcade.

Edge stated that 'Infinity evaluates different locations for its 'Powerhouse" program.

Edge reported that Infinity Labs was close to signing a possible lease for an additional 15,000 sq. ft. on floors 2, 4 and 5 of Kuhns building.

Aaron Savino, APEX Commercial Group, is Infinity Labs' representative.

Edge stated that they wanted to be close to the Arcade Hub and Entrepreneurs Center.

The Kuhns office is leased for five years, with an option to extend.

Edge stated that they were evaluating the possibility of extending this lease as well as adding additional square footage in order to accommodate Powerhouse concepts.

Infinity Labs will have additional classified and office space by 2023. In 2024, the group will develop its plan for workforce development and laboratory space.

Infinity Labs' current office has two conference rooms, a makerspace for rapid prototyping and experimentation, a training area, office space for a hybrid working environment and two secure facilities.

Edge explained that the expansion would take place in phases.

If all goes according to plan, the Kuhns building's floors 4 and 5 would be used for the expansion of the Makerspace concept as well as housing equipment for wet laboratories.

Edge said that groups will be able partner with Infinity Labs or EC in order to utilize the wet laboratory space.

Edge stated that this is a natural growth and an opportunity to expand further in the building.

Edge stated that the plan would help Infinity Labs to better serve its customers within the Department of Defense. The expansion plan would also support Infinity Labs' rapid workforce development plans and STEM/academic partnership with institutions such as Wright State University.

Edge stated that a STEM day was being planned. Edge said that they usually do six co-ops a year, and job shadowing is done down to high school.

According to company officials, Infinity Labs employs 52 people and will have a revenue of $7.9m in 2022.