Infinite Minds Collective – An Uplifting, Empowering, And Enlightening Speakers' Bureau Serving Leading Conferences, Conventions, Keynotes, And Training

Infinite Minds Collectiveconnects individuals and organizations with a world-class roster of Black and Indigenous speakers that brings community organizing expertise, strategic planning know-how,…

Infinite Minds Collective connects individuals and organisations with a global roster of Black and Indigenous speakers. They bring community organizing expertise and branding know-how to the table, as well as board consulting and board consulting. The world is facing a crisis of Indigenous voices that shape society, culture and economy. This platform was created to showcase the hidden gems of Black and Indigenous Speakers. They bring practical knowledge, experience and guidance in business and current events. The speakers have the experience and professional credentials that an organization needs. They also have a lifetime of knowledge they are willing to share. By creating speaking engagements for Indigenous People of Color and Black people, we are committed to building sustainable centers of excellence. Infinite Minds Collective works with organisations to create dynamic speaker lines-ups for conferences and roundtables. Our speakers are leaders in their fields and create compelling narratives that inspire and inform the audience. "The Infinite Minds Collective's focus is to provide access to information that fosters community and promotes progress in their work towards equity and liberation.

Listening to their speakers can assist people in developing the skills required to become more confident, goal-oriented persons motivated to become unstoppable successes.Founded on the belief that unrepresented people must be provided with the opportunity to be heard, Infinite Minds Collective is dedicated to bringing the most extensive, individualized, and progressive speaking services that align the right people, structure, strategy, and confidence to succeed!If any organization wants to make a difference in the world and support diversity and inclusion goals, get in touch with Infinite Minds Collective about booking one or more of their speakers.Media ContactCompany Name: Infinite Minds CollectiveContact Person: Dr. Muria Nisbett, Belinda Richard, M, EdEmail:Send EmailCountry: United StatesWebsite:URL