InvestChile Opens Offices in the USA and Germany

Beatriz Herrera and Vanessa Séverin were selected as investment attachés for Washington, D.C. (USA), and Berlin (Germany), respectively. Investment

Beatriz Herrera (USA) and Vanessa Severin (Germany) were chosen as investment attaches to Washington, D.C. SANTIAGO (Chile) - December 19, 2022 – ( InvestChile has announced the appointment of two new European and American investment attaches as part of Chilean President Gabriel Boric's measures to promote investment. Beatriz Herrera (USA), and Vanessa Severin from Europe were chosen from a pool of 130 applicants. Both are career civil servants who have extensive experience at InvestChile. 15, joined InvestChile's Asia Office, which has been operating in Tokyo since 2017, under Vicente Pinto, the agency's attaque for Asia. Karla Flores, Director of InvestChile, stated that it was a great achievement for the agency to once again be able to operate in two of its most important markets. These new offices will allow us to connect directly with the headquarters of companies that implement projects in Chile. This will simplify decision-making. She said that the role they play in today's international climate of uncertainty can be a significant difference. Chile's Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) stock accounts for 60%. The opening of these offices is expected to result in the reactivation and expansion of projects valued at more than US$1.5 million by 2023. The new investment attache for America Beatriz Herrera is a new Business graduate from the Universidad Adolfo Ibanez. She also holds a Master's in Finance from that institution. For most of her professional career she worked in finance. She held various management positions in Risk and Finance within local companies before joining InvestChile as an investment promotion executive in 2018. She has been involved in promoting Venture Capital and has held other positions such as coordinator of the promotion team and head the agency's foreign network. She is a graduate of Sciences Po, University of Bordeaux in International Relations (cum Laude). Her professional highlights include her post as Head of Investment Promotion in the food industry at CORFO as well as her role as a commercial executive at Sage Software (Canada). Vanessa joined InvestChile in 2012 as an investment promotion executive. Since then, she has held a number of roles including Head of Investor Relations &Aftercare and Head Of Subnational Coordination and Business Ecosystems. Contact Information: Claudio Alvarez, Head of Communications at InvestChile Denisse Vasquez, Journalist at InvestChile Newswire.comOriginal Source : InvestChile opens offices in the USA and Germany