Japan Eyes Government AI Adoption as OpenAI CEO Mulls Opening Office

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Satoshi Sugiyama and Kantaro Komiya

TOKYO (Reuters), Japan will examine government adoption of artificial intelligence technology like OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot if cybersecurity and privacy concerns are resolved, Hirokazu Matsuno, Chief Cabinet Secretary, said Monday.

Matsuno's remarks were made shortly after Sam Altman, chief executive at OpenAI, met Fumio Kirshida, Japan's Prime Minister. Altman stated that his company was "looking to open an office".

When Matsuno was asked about the temporary ban Italy placed on ChatGPT, which was developed by Microsoft Corp and OpenAI, Matsuno stated that Japan was aware of the actions of other countries.

Matsuno stated that Japan will continue to evaluate the possibility of using AI to reduce government worker workloads. After assessing how to respond, Matsuno added.