Jim Jordan loses third speaker vote with no end in sight for House leadership crisis

Jim Jordan has insisted on staying in the House speaker race despite failing twice this week in the face of stiff opposition from GOP lawmakers.

Jim Jordan loses third speaker vote with no end in sight for House leadership crisis

Rep. Jim Jordan, of Ohio, lost his third vote for House Speaker.

Jordan, who is a close ally of Donald Trump, insisted that he would remain in the race, despite the fact that he had failed twice in this past week, in spite of the stiff opposition by GOP lawmakers.

Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid to be speaker of the House was rejected for the third time on Saturday. There is no end to the leadership vacuum in the chamber as Congress faces an impending deadline to avoid a shutdown, and the White House has called for more.

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Jordan's bid for the gavel has been eroding with every vote. This time, 25 Republicans voted in opposition to Jordan, who has the backing of former President

Donald Trump

In the previous vote, 22 people voted against him.

Jordan had earlier indicated that he would continue to push through the weekend. He referred to the 15 votes that Kevin McCarthy, the former Speaker of the House, needed to win the gavel.

Jordan said at a Friday morning news conference that there have been many rounds of voting for speaker in the past. "Our goal this weekend is for a speaker to be elected as quickly as possible to help the American people."

McCarthy nominated Jordan in front of the House on Friday. The California Republican was laughed at by the lawmakers.

McCarthy said, "Speaking at a conference is no easy task. "I have seen Jim fight for freedom his whole career. "I know that he is ready to do the job, no matter what the odds are."

Hakeem Jeffries, House Minority Leader of New York and Democratic candidate for Speaker, called on Friday moderate Republicans to abandon Jordan in favor of a bipartisan resolution to the impasse.

Jeffries told journalists: "Stop the attachment to extremist Jim Jordan, and join Democrats in finding a path forward that is bipartisan." "We acknowledge that Jim Jordan poses a clear and immediate danger to the American public." We will be here as long as necessary to put an end to this national nightmare.

Jordan's decision is a result of Republicans failing to come together around a plan.

Temporarily empower Interim Speaker Patrick McHenry

To supervise the passage of legislation, until the deeply divided parties settle on a permanent successor.

Democrats expressed an openness in supporting McHenry.

More than two weeks after McCarthy was ousted by a group of eight GOP legislators led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, the Republicans still appear to be without a viable way to elect a new speaker.

Gaetz said Friday that Republican holdouts were expressing their anger at McCarthy's removal by preventing Jordan from becoming Speaker.

Gaetz told reporters that "the eight of us" had said they were willing to accept a censure, suspension or removal from the Republican Conference. "If these holdouts want a pound our flesh, then we are willing to give them it in order for them to elect Jim Jordan as speaker.

Congress is unable to pass any spending legislation due to the leadership vacuum in the House. The clock is ticking towards the Nov. 17 deadline for avoiding a shutdown.

Congress is unable to deal with what the President has said.

Joe Biden

Has described as urgent priorities for national security. Biden said on Thursday that he would request Congress to pass legislation.

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