Kissimmee Gateway Airport land slated for new construction projects

Kissimmee Gateway Airport has space for immediate development and more planned for the future.

Kissimmee Gateway Airport land slated for new construction projects

Two entities connected to each other propose more development for the Kissimmee Gateway Airport.

Land Development LLC, and T28 LLC, both managed by William M. Whelan, are looking for seven and three acres to build new hangars.

The agreements, which will be discussed at the Kissimmee City Commission meeting on May 2, would grant the two entities the right of first refusal over the land. This allows companies to lease the property for two years to design and approve the project prior to signing a ground lease.

The airport is a great place to invest and create new jobs.

The following are the plans of each property:

Land Development LLC plans to redevelop a seven-acre property in the vicinity of Patrick Street. The company will build three hangars of 15,000 square feet, with the possibility of an additional 18,000 square foot hangar at a later date. Site of three acres: T28 LLC will lease land near Aviation Way in the Airport Business Park, where they plan to build a 12,000 square foot aircraft hangar. They also have room for an additional 10, 000 square foot hangar. The hangars will be used to run an aviation charter company.

William M. Whelan's father, William N. Whelan runs Sandpiper Air in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The company and city representatives were not available to comment immediately.

The project plans did not specify if the buildings were to be linked to Sandpiper Air, or another business.

Orlando Economic Partnership reports that there are over 170 acres of vacant land on the airport's site.

Other companies are also planning to expand their operations at regional airports.

Cirrus Aircraft, a plane manufacturer based in Duluth (Minnesota), established last year a training facility at Orlando Executive Airport, and a management and maintenance location at Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Cirrus is now working with the City of Kissimmee on a design for a 15-square foot customer service center, maintenance center, and management hangar. Arrival and departure parking will be covered. All three facilities would be constructed on 12 acres.

Jonah Santom told Orlando Business Journal that the firm had been expanding in phases. The first phase was to build up demand in a temporary location, and then assess where we were. "We've successfully done that, so we are now working with the City to design a 12 acre parcel."