Koa Poke

CONTACT INFORMATION Agency: Koa Poke Franchise, SL. street: Martin Echegaray, double bass. Postal code: 36209. Position: Vigo. Province: Pontevedra Spider's web: www.wayalia.es Contact: [email…

Koa Poke

Agency: Koa Poke Franchise, SL. street: Martin Echegaray, double bass. Postal code: 36209. Position: Vigo. Province: Pontevedra Spider's web: URL Contact: [email protected]623 42 98 15
Country of origin: Spain. Year of establishment: 2019. Year of creation of the chain: 2021. Number of own premises: 4. Number of franchised stores: 1. Expected billing for the first year: 500,000 euros. Scheduled openings for this year: 2. Scheduled openings next year: 5. Priority areas for expansion: All the national territory.
Registration fee (included in the investment): 15,000 euros. Monthly Royalty: 5%. Advertising Fee: 2% on sales. Other royalties: They are not here. Contract period: 5 years, extendable. Investment: 120,000 euros. Investment range: From €100,000 to €150,000. Minimum population: 100,000 inhabitants.
Stminimum surface area of ​​the premises: 80 sq m. Surface Range: From 50 to 100. Favorite locations: Central and busy areas. From the headquarters of this chain of Galician origin, they begin by highlighting the competitive advantages of their commercial proposition:

The high quality/price ratio of the products. «We attach great importance to the quality of our product and the manufacturing processes of the same. In this sense, practically 100% of the menu is handmade in the premises themselves, maintaining its initial essence'.
The great training of the human team that works in each restaurant 'to assist in an optimal, friendly and close way to all customer needs'.
The decor of the premises, 'set in Hawaii but never losing sight of the area in which we are, makes them welcoming and comfortable so that diners can have the best KOA experience'. And all this with materials that respect the environment, «because one of the fundamental pillars of the supply chain is care for the planet».
The full support of a head office who is 100% involved in achieving each store's objectives, 'as well as ensuring that these objectives are achieved in the most efficient and profitable way possible for the franchisee'.

To articulate their expansion they are preferably looking for a profile with experience in the sector, even if they do not close the door to those who want to join Koa and who share their values ​​and work philosophy'. From here on, lack of baggage is no longer a handicap, 'as we work continuously on training and process improvement'.
The company, which has agreements with ABANCA and BBVA to provide various financing channels to the associates from whom it requests that 30% of the investment come from its own resources, estimates a return in a year and a half, with an approximate turnover for the first year of 500,000 euros.
To close this portrait, let's stop at the support given to the network:

An initial training in one of the Koa Poke restaurants and full support before opening and in the following days.
On a monthly basis, 'the support continues for everything concerning the proper functioning of the premises and staff training'.
Marketing, SEO positioning, advertising, etc. are performed by the head office. 'promote each establishment individually and thus achieve the set sales targets.'