Lar España Real Estate SOCIMI S A : Exchange offer / Tender offer


Lar España Real Estate SOCIMI S A : Exchange offer / Tender offer

PERSON (AS DEFINED BY REGULATIONS S OF THE UNITED STATESSECURITIES ACT of 1933, AS AMENDED) OR TO ANY U.S. PERSON, IN OR INTO ANY JURISDICTION WHERE DISTRIBUTING THIS DOCUMENT IS UNLAWFUL. This announcement is for information only and does not constitute an offer to purchase or solicitation of an offer to sell any Notes. January 16, 2023: Lar Espana Real Estate SOCIMI S.A. The "Offeror") announces the results and conditions of its offers to buy a portion of the Notes. These Offers were announced for the first time on January 9, 2023 on the terms and under the conditions specified in the tender offer memo dated January 9, 20,23 (the “Tender Offer Memorandum”), which was prepared in connection to the Offers. The meanings of the capitalized terms in this announcement are not given herein. Results of the Offers: The Offeror announces that the Offers to eligible Holders to tender each Series ("Series") of "Notes have expired. Its outstanding (i) EUR400,000,000 1.755% Senior Unsecured Gold Notes due 2026; (ii) EUR300,000,000 1.843% senior Unsecured Gold Notes due 2028) will be sold for cash pursuant to an unmodified Dutch auction procedure at prices up to EUR100,000,000. Accrued interest payments are excluded. Prices to be determined according to the Tender Consideration. The Offers, which were made on January 9, 2023, ended in accordance to their terms on January 13, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. London time (the "Expiration Date"). The Offeror had valid tender instructions for the purchase of EUR143 600,000 in aggregate principal amount Notes across both Non-Competitive and Competitive Tender Instructions as of this date. The Offeror's final acceptance amount, which is the total principal amount of Notes that he accepted to be purchased pursuant the Offers, was EUR110,000,000. The Offers have been accepted as of this date. The Settlement Date for the Offers will be January 19, 2023, subject to the conditions in the Tender Offer Memorandum. Information for Investors Please refer to the Tender Offer Memorandum for more information. The Sole Dealer Manager can be reached at the addresses and phone numbers listed below for any questions regarding the Offers. You can request additional copies of Tender Offer Memorandum by contacting the Tender Agent at this address and phone number. For assistance regarding the Offers, Beneficial Owners of Notes can also contact their dealers, brokers, trust companies, or commercial banks. SOLE DEALER MANGER J.P. Morgan SE Taunustor1 (TaunusTurm), 60310 Frankfurt am Main Germany Attention to Liability Management Telephone Number: +44-20 7134 2468 Email Address: __EMAIL__TENDER AGENT Kroll Issuer Services Limited, London Bridge St., London SE1 9SG United Kingdom Attention to David Shilson Email address: Tender offer Website: URL Important Notice: This announcement must be taken in its separately distributed Tender offer memo. Every Holder should seek independent legal and financial advice immediately from its stockbroker or bank manager, solicitor or accountant, or any other independent financial, tax, or legal advisor. This announcement and the Tender Offer Memorandum do not constitute an offer to purchase or solicitation of an offer for Notes. This announcement and/or Tender Offer Memorandum have been placed in the possession of persons who must be aware of and adhere to any restrictions. Attachments Original Link Original Document Permalink

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