Lockouts, Trapped Owners Raise Concerns About Tesla EVs Reliability

Lockouts, Trapped Owners Raise Concerns About Tesla EVs Reliability

John Lopez

, Tech Times

Tuesday, July 2, 2023 at 11:07 am

Tesla, the leader in the electric vehicle market (EV), has made waves with its innovative technologies. According to Bloomberg, Tesla Inc. shares have risen 109% in the past year.

Tesla owners have reported battery problems in recent years, and even some reports from last year.

The issues ranged from 12-volt batteries that were dead to sudden power loss. These incidents are making people question the reliability of Tesla's electric cars.

A Tesla owner was locked out of their Model 3 in the scorching Texas heat when the 12-volt batteries, which power smaller functions such as doors and windows, failed.

Turn the car around. This battery is essential for charging and operating the main battery.


Reports indicate that when faced with a non-responsive vehicle, an owner expressed his frustration on Twitter. He was unable to move or access the car. The extreme heat in Texas could have caused the battery to fail, highlighting how extreme temperatures can affect EVs.

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Tesla Model S Owner Locked out of Model S due to battery issues

In September 2022, another Tesla owner in Canada was in a similar situation when the battery of his Model S died. He was locked out his $140,000 car.


The owner reported that fluid from the AC system leaked onto the batteries, causing this issue.

Tesla quoted a staggering $26,000 as the cost of replacement.

The incident and the allegations of poor customer service and Tesla's lack of explanation raised questions about how they handle quality control and customer support.

Tesla Model Y Traps Owner Inside After Sudden Power Loss

A Tesla Model Y driver in December 2022 had a harrowing incident when his vehicle shut down suddenly during a trip.

Fox Business

The car was reported to have prompted its owner to stop, but when he did, the power was cut, trapping him inside.

The owner followed Tesla's instructions and attempted to open the manual latch. However, he broke the window.

The owner of this Tesla was unhappy with his experience after being stuck in subzero temperatures over two hours. He recommended that Tesla be considered as an alternative.

What is the problem with Tesla's batteries?

Tesla's battery system reliability and durability are now under threat.

Tesla must address customer concerns as it expands its market to ensure that its reputation as an industry leader is maintained.

Recent lockouts due to battery failures, have raised serious questions about the reliability and safety of Tesla's EVs.

Tesla needs to improve its customer service and address any potential design flaws.

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