Madden 23: Franchise Mode Players Are Being Impacted By A Catastrophic Error

Madden 23 franchise mode players were dealt a tough blow.

Madden 23: Franchise Mode Players Are Being Impacted By A Catastrophic Error

Madden 23Credit: EA

If you are a hardcore franchise mode player on sports video games, your worst nightmare is a technical error that ruins your save or corrupts your data. Unfortunately, that's the reality for some Madden franchise mode players as we ring in 2023. After weeks of increasingly worse server strength for franchise mode players, the community has hit what one can only hope will be rock bottom. This message was posted by Agent RS on Answers.EA: 'From the Developers: On Wednesday 12/28 around 2:45 pm EST, Players trying to access the Franchise server were given an error that leagues were unavailable. The issue persisted until 12:45 am EST on Thursday 12/29. Unfortunately, if you logged into Franchise leagues during this time, your data was affected due to a data storage issue that resulted in Franchise files being corrupted.' If you didn't log in during that time, according to EA, your saves should be fine. However, things got a little worse for franchise mode players who did attempt to log-in.

According to EA, they estimate that only 40 percent of the affected users will see their data recovered. EA simply asked them to start 'a new franchise.'

Here was the note and admission from the link above.

'First off, we are sorry that this happened. We know how important your franchises are to you and we are actively working on a fix to restore some files via a backup as soon as possible. However, not all affected leagues can be restored. The team is currently projecting around 40% of leagues to be recovered. We will communicate an updated timeline next week around the potential restoration of save files from a backup.' One of the most deflating feelings I've ever had as a lifelong sports gamer is the moment when you realize your entire franchise mode save is gone. It is hard to calculate how much you've lost when you think about time and emotional investment. Those who a hardcore franchise mode players understand. Thankfully, it appears EA gets it as well, but at the end of the day, it won't repair the broken experiences.