Mentioning your weaknesses in a job interview ‘sets everyone up for success,' says CEO of company that's raised $280 million

'Really talented people that are evolved professionally and emotionally can have that type of conversation,' says Ryan Simonetti, CEO of Convene.

Mentioning your weaknesses in a job interview ‘sets everyone up for success,' says CEO of company that's raised $280 million

When it comes to

Job interviews

There are a few things to remember: Arrive early, or at least, arrive by 10am.

Be on time

Prepare yourself to ask about the background of those who will be interviewing you. Dress appropriately.

It may seem counterintuitive but don't be afraid to mention your professional shortcomings, advises

Ryan Simonetti,

The CEO of a hospitality company


The, which has raised over

280 Million Dollars

In funding.

You should do your research, find out what the role will be, and then tell him, "I am aware that this role may not be in line with my capabilities." "I think I can fill them in, but I'll need some help."

Here's the reason he, and other CEOs, say that being honest about your weaknesses makes you standout.

People who are professionally evolved can have this conversation

Simonetti believes that being honest about your needs is the first step in creating a workflow for everyone. He says that if you come into an interview and say, "I can do this job but here's what I may need from you," then "that type of honest, two-way dialogue is what I think will set everyone up for success."

He says that "really talented people who are developed professionally and emotionally, can have this type of conversation." It is a good sign for their future performances.

You and your interviewers may be able tell if the organization can help you succeed if you are honest about the kind of support you need.

Djenaba Park, chief people officer and general counsel at



"Humility is an essential part of leadership for me"

Being open about your mistakes is also a way to show humility, a quality that many employers value.

Simonetti says that "Humility is an essential part of great leadership." He adds that "I do not have any people who work for me without that."

Bill Kramer is the CEO of the

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Oscars is a show that has a lot of respect for humility and kindness. He says, "I enjoy seeing humility and kindness among the people I interview."

Kramer: Being a part of a group is "bigger" than the individual.

"It is bigger than us all." We are all part of a larger ecosystem. "I think that showing an understanding of this is key."


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