New IRS Migration Data: NY, CA, & IL Are The Big Losers Of People And Wealth; FL & TX The Big Winners

The US states of Illinois, New York and California are losing residents and wealth to other states.

Ted Dabrowski, John Klingner and


According to an analysis by Wirepoints of the newly released Internal Revenue Service data, Illinois, New York, and California have continued to be the states that lose residents and wealth most to other states.

migration data


Texas and Florida were the two biggest winners in the country.

Based on the latest IRS migration data by state

Tax returns filed

In 2020 and 2021 we will cover taxpayers who have moved between states (tax filers, and their dependents). (See the appendix to see changes in our reporting method.)

Florida, the perennial winner of the country, won the most in 2020.




The net adjusted gross income (AGI) is the highest.

39 billion dollars

Texas gained a further.


People are a lot of fun


AGI is worth billions of dollars.

In contrast, states like

California, New York, and Illinois

Once again, the United States suffered some of its worst losses. California has lost more residents than any other state.


Net movers taking

29 billion dollars

Other States

The accompanying wirepoints

Illinois Analysis

Includes a long-term view of out-migration.

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IRS SOI migration data

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The IRS migration report is a source of hard data that can be relied upon to show the movements of Americans. The IRS reviews tax returns every year to determine when and where taxpayers and their dependents are moving. The agency also aggregates filers' ages, income levels and adjusted gross earnings.

Winners and losers

Sunshine State attracts over


The number of people who are able to do this is billions

In order to calculate the Adjusted Gross income (AGI), divide your adjusted gross income (AGI) by


New residents:.000 (tax payers and their dependents).

The move into

Florida in 2020. Florida has lost $


AGI is worth billions




People who left


Florida was the winner on a net basis.


Net new people of $


Net new taxable income of $ billion.

This was a gain of


Percentage of total AGI in the state



Texas came in second with an AGI gain of


The next billion is followed by


With $



North Carolina and Arizona

The top five were rounded off with net gains of


The amount of money is in the billions.


See Appendix to see the top 10 people winners.

Losing side


The state with the largest outflow of funds in 2020 was New Zealand. The state that suffered the worst outflow of money in 2020 was the

Golden state

Net loss


Billion in revenue or


A net of % of its AGI is better than a gross of


Residents moved out

New York came next, with a loss of a net


The amount of money is in the billions.


Illinois was third with a loss of


The amount of money is in the billions.



000 people.


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New Jersey

The 4th and 5th places were occupied by the teams that finished in 4th or 5th position.


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Each of these losses amounts to approximately billions of dollars. See Appendix to see the top 10 people who lost money.

Below are tables that show the migration gain/loss for each state.

The impact of income gains and losses

Chronic outflows like those in New York are problematic because they not only hurt the tax base for the year that they leave but also all the years afterward. Losses are piled on top of one another, year after. When a state loses revenue to other states,


Add up the straight years.

New York alone would have received nearly $


The state would have had to pay $ billions more in AGI tax if it hadn't suffered a string of migration losses every year. When the AGI losses of the state are added up from 2000 to 2020 it amounts to $


The total amount of lost revenue that could have been collected over the period is trillions.

Florida, a state that has benefited from migration, is the opposite. The tax base grows every year as people and income increase. The state's total tax base is expected to reach $


The 21-year streak of positive income growth from net migration has resulted in a billion-dollar increase.

Wirepoints calculated Florida's AGI cumulatively to compare apples-to-apples with New York, even though Florida does not tax incomes. The Sunshine State's AGI increases from 2000 to 2020 total $


The total amount of income that could be taxed in the period was trillions.

Competition for people is important

Illinois is another big loser in the country. It shows how damaging it can be to be an 'exit state', especially when wealthy residents leave and are only partly replaced by those who earn less. Illinoisans who left in 2020 made, on average $


Illinois residents gained more from other states than they did from Illinois. This is the largest gap since at least the year 2000, according to Wirepoints analysis of IRS data.

Illinois lost income in 2020 based on its percentage of total income. Illinois lost


Percentage of its AGI. Only New York lost more, at



Florida, on the other hand, was the biggest winner in percentage terms for 2020.


Percentage of the total

AGI base. The top five in the nation were rounded off by

Nevada, Idaho Montana and South Carolina.

IRS data indicates that Americans have chosen to live in smaller, better-managed areas, rather than large, expensive cities and states.

It also provides a glimpse into a future demographic in which those states that prioritise an affordable and less intrusive form of government will be dominant over those who overtax and overregulate their residents' lives and businesses.