Orange County dermatologist indicted on charge of poisoning husband with liquid drain cleaner

A California dermatologist was indicted for allegedly poisoning her husband with liquid drain cleaner.

Orange County dermatologist indicted on charge of poisoning husband with liquid drain cleaner


According to the Orange County District Attorney's Office, a California dermatologist has been indicted for poisoning her husband by using liquid drain cleaner.

According to a press release issued on Wednesday, Yue "Emily" Yu, 46, was indicted for three felony counts involving poisoning, and one felony charge involving domestic battery resulting in corporal injury.

Scott Simmons, Yu's lawyer, has confirmed that his client will not plead guilty. He claims that the husband orchestrated these events to take advantage Yu in divorce proceedings.

Jack Chen, Yu's husband and a physician, said in court documents that Yu poisoned him with liquid cleaner. He also claimed that Yu was trying to murder him.

I started to notice a chemical flavor in my lemonade. Chen stated in court documents that he developed symptoms and went to the doctor for an examination. He diagnosed him with two stomach ulcers and gastritis.

The district attorney's said that after Chen noticed a strange flavor in his drink, he installed cameras in the house to try and capture evidence as to why it tasted so strange.

Chen's court documents show that Yu has three videos showing him 'pouring Draino (sic) taken from our kitchen sink into my lemonade'.

Chen claimed that his hot lemonade had been covered in plastic wrap on one of the videos. He said that the video shows Yu pouring the Draino (sic) and replacing the cellophane.

According to the District Attorney's Office, Chen collected samples and gave them to the Irvine Police Department. The samples were then sent to the FBI, where they confirmed that the liquid drain cleaner was the same substance.

Simmons, Yu’s lawyer, stated that this indictment took place within the context of an unhappy marriage and a high stakes divorce between two doctors.

Simmons stated that he was falsely accusing her of poisoning him. Instead of dialing 911, he called a divorce attorney. Simmons stated that Chen did not go to the ER and that there is no medical evidence that he consumed drain cleaner.

According to Simmons' family, they had a problem with ants in the kitchen. They used Drano and lemonade as bait to kill and attract the ants.

Simmons stated that 'Drano was not a poisonous agent. It has a terrible taste and burns your eyes.

Steven Hittelman told CNN that Chen, his client in the divorce proceedings, has 'physically recovered' from the injuries caused by the poison.

Hittelman was pleased with the indictment of the grand jury and especially happy that the charge of domestic violence had been included.

David Dworakowski said that Yu's divorce lawyer, David Dworakowski's client, 'is innocent' of the outrageous accusations. She looks forward to her case being presented at trial.

Yu can now see her children without supervision, even though the divorce is not final. According to Hittelman, the custody arrangements are still in progress.

Yu will have to report to the Medical Board of California to determine if she can continue to practice.

Yu could face a maximum of eight years, eight months if convicted in all counts.

Yu will be arraigned April 18.

In a press release, Orange County District attorney Todd Spitzer stated that 'our homes should be the places where we feel safest'. "Yet a licensed physician capitalized on the daily rituals of her husband to torment him by systematically plying her tea with a Drano like substance intended to cause him suffering and pain."