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Gas prices are cheaper than last summer and miles away from the nightmare of 2022

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Gasoline Prices Set Record Two Years Ago #

Gasoline prices peaked at a record high of $5.02 per gallon two years ago, leading to a decrease in consumer confidence, unsettling investors, and causing financial strain for families. This spike contributed to the national inflation rate reaching 9%, the highest since the early 1980s. Gas prices have since fallen significantly, with the current national average for regular gas at $3.46 per gallon. The decrease in gas prices has helped alleviate financial pressure on consumers and played a role in reducing inflation. The drop in inflation has also raised hopes for potential interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve. Additionally, lower gas prices may have political implications, impacting people’s perception of the economy. Gas prices are a crucial factor in people’s financial situation, particularly for low-income households. Some states have seen significant decreases in gas prices compared to a year ago. While there is still progress to be made, efforts are being made to maintain stable energy supplies and lower prices at the pump.