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Gen Z is less happy than the rest of us. Here is what would make a difference

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Gen Z Struggles with Happiness, but Finding Solutions in Data

New research suggests that Gen Z faces greater challenges compared to previous generations at their age. However, data collected from a survey conducted on over 2,000 Americans from Generation Z reveals a potential secret to their increased happiness. Of those surveyed, approximately 75% reported being at least somewhat happy, although this number decreased significantly as they reached adulthood. Factors strongly correlated with Gen Z happiness include weekend sleep and relaxation time, as well as a sense of purpose. It appears that making a difference and feeling that their lives matter are key priorities for Gen Z, outweighing monetary success and career advancements. Experts believe that happiness involves having a clear purpose and recognizing the ups and downs that come with pursuing it. Additionally, even if one cannot directly pursue their purpose, engaging in activities or acquiring education related to it can foster a sense of purposefulness. It is worth noting that purpose does not have to revolve around a job and can encompass causes and personal relationships as well. Furthermore, adequate sleep is deemed crucial for mood regulation, memory, concentration, and overall happiness. Prioritizing good sleep hygiene, such as disconnecting from electronics before bedtime, can significantly improve well-being. Gen Z’s dedication to skincare and mental health demonstrates their commitment to overall wellness.