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Sanders launches Senate investigation into ‘outrageously high' pricing of Ozempic, Wegovy

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Title: Senator Sanders Investigates High Prices of Diabetes and Weight Loss Drugs

Sen. Bernie Sanders is launching an investigation into the high prices of the drugs Ozempic and Wegovy. The senator, known for his criticisms of expensive medications, wrote to the CEO of Novo Nordisk, expressing concerns about the “outrageously high prices” charged for these drugs. Sanders emphasizes the importance of the drugs for patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity but highlights the need for affordability. Sanders requests information from Novo Nordisk regarding potential price reductions, revenue from drug sales, R&D expenses, and pricing determinants. The letter notes lower prices for these drugs in Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Sanders warns that if prices are not reduced, it could have adverse effects on Medicare, Medicaid, and the entire healthcare system. Novo Nordisk responded by acknowledging the importance of patient access and expressing a willingness to collaborate with policymakers. The article also highlights the costs to the federal government and Medicare for covering these drugs, potentially adding to the financial burden.