Begins Coverage on Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ZYNE)

BidaskClub upgraded shares of Zynerba Pharmaceuticals from a “hold” rating to a “buy” rating in a research report on Tuesday, December 12th. Zynerba Pharmaceuticals is being covered by, with a sell rating. BidaskClub has upgraded the stock from a "hold" to a "buy" rating.

In a research report published on Friday. The brokerage assigned a sell rating to the stock.

The stock opened Friday at $0.32. The stock's market capitalization is $16,95 million. It has a price to earnings ratio of -0.38. And a beta value of 1.73. The stock's 50-day average is $0.35, and its 200-day average is $0.46. Zynerba Pharmaceuticals's twelve-month low is $0.30, and its twelve-month high is $1.39.

The company last released its quarterly results on May 15th. The company's ($0.21) earnings per share for the quarter fell short of the consensus estimate ($0.19) ($0.02) by $0.02. Analysts predict Zynerba Pharmaceuticals to post a -0.78 earnings per share for the current fiscal period.

Hedge Funds weigh in on Zynerba Pharmaceuticals

Recently, several institutional investors bought and sold the company's shares. Cetera Advisor Networks LLC purchased shares of Zynerba Pharmaceuticals valued at $28,000 in the second quarter. Verition Fund Management LLC purchased a stake in Zynerba Pharmaceuticals during the second quarter, valued at approximately $35,000. Jane Street Group LLC acquired a new stake in Zynerba Pharmaceuticals during the third quarter, valued at approximately $46,000. UBS Group AG increased its holdings in Zynerba Pharmaceuticals shares by 145.2% over the first quarter. UBS Group AG owns 27,621 of the company stock, worth $56,000. This is after purchasing an additional 16,357 in the previous quarter. Two Sigma Investments LP also purchased shares of Zynerba Pharmaceuticals in the third quarter, worth about $90,000. Institutional investors and hedge fund own 11.94%.

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It is primarily focused on research and development for rare and near-rare neuropsychiatric disorders. The company offers Zygel, a gel that is permeation enhanced for transdermal application. offers a FREE daily email newsletter