Superhero Movie Post-Credits Scenes That Were Never Paid Off

One of the biggest tropes of modern superhero movies is a post-credits scene that teases even more to come -- but some of them never amount to anything.

Superhero Movie Post-Credits Scenes That Were Never Paid Off

The modern-day superhero movie has been a success story with the likes Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man", and Brian Singer's" X-Men. Seeing comic book heroes onscreen is not only common but expected. Everyone tried to emulate the Marvel Studios' famed cinematic universe, which was born with 2008's "Iron Man." Christopher Nolan worked to make Batman a respectable icon through his trilogy "The Dark Knight." There are many tropes and clichés that superhero movies follow now, but one of the most important is a post credit scene that teases more. Although superhero movies didn't create the post-credits scene in the first place, they have coopted it as part of their genre. It's so shocking that a movie about superheroes doesn't have one. The post-credits scene, which includes the equally good mid-credits scene, is a great example of a trope that won't die. It can be a tease about the future of the universe.

Not every post-credit scene is successful. In order to fully grasp the story, we live in an era where DC Studios is undergoing a complete restructuring. Marvel Studios requires that you view every piece of TV and film they produce. Sometimes, this makes post-credits teases more difficult and sometimes completely unnecessary. These are the worst post-credits teases. Fans were thrilled to see Henry Cavill's return as Superman when "Black Adam" was released in theaters. Cavill had not played Superman since 2017, when he appeared in "Man of Steel". The "Justice League" version was released in 2017. Cavill's last appearance as Superman was almost a decade ago. Cavill's next appearance in the role was in "Snyder Cut," which was released in 2021. Superman confronts "Black Adam" and acknowledges his power. He then claims that they need to have a conversation, eliciting excitement from fans for a Superman/Black Adam matchup. Cavill soon announced his return to the role, hoping to continue with "Man of Steel". Cavill's announcement of his return as Superman was canceled two months later. His tenure as Superman ended faster than a bullet. The new DC Studios coCEOs, James Gunn, and Peter Safran, decided to take the character in a completely different direction. Gunn wrote a new Superman movie without Cavill. Even though Cavill was able to reprise his Superman role in "Black Adam", it seemed that the effort was futile.

This news was not good news for Superman fans. Although "Man of Steel" may not be the most loved Superman movie, almost everyone agrees that Cavill was never the problem, as he perfectly embodied the role and the character. Many still hope Gunn and his company will reconsider their decision, but the truth is that the epic "Black Adam” moment will not be repeated on screen. DC and Warner Brothers wanted something similar when Phase One of Marvel Cinematic Universe really started to kick off. They decided it was time for a less-known hero to be in the spotlight. "Green Lantern" is a movie about a superhero who failed to make a splash and was criticized for trying to launch a franchise that didn't work. It's not bad, but "Green Lantern" is not the only one. We're thinking of you, "Dark Universe". Fans were captivated by Sinestro, Mark Strong's character. There were sweet scenes between Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively) and Carol Ferris (played by the real-life couple Blake Lively and Hal Jordan). The Earth is saved after the Green Lantern Corps defeats Parallax the sentient space-cloud. Hal Jordan is hailed as a hero. However, Hal does not know that Sinestro plans to harness Parallax’s power into a yellow power-ring fuelled by fear, just like his comic book counterpart.

Sinestro was hands down the best part in "Green Lantern" and it is disappointing that no post-credits scene teasing his return to the dark side will be continued. Sinestro is one of DC Comics' most powerful villains and most complex characters. Sinestro should be given a proper fall from Grace. "Green Lantern," however, has yet to see a proper sequel. It's a shame. A battle of the wills between Sinestro and Hal Jordan would have been a great screen show. Ok, this scene is technically not post-credits, but it is a continuation of the mid-credits sequence at the end the first "Amazing Spider-Man." The film teases the creation and destruction of the Sinister Six minutes before the credits roll on "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Marc Webb's "Amazing Spider-Man” series ended with this image, so the tease plotline was scrapped. There was even a "Sinister 6" movie in development before the cancellations of the third and fourth "Amazing Spider-Man films. This would have Spidey facing his most notorious rogues. However, this was also put on the backburner after the Tom Holland/Marvel Studios reboot with "Captain America: Civil War” and "Spider-Man: Homecoming". Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man didn't get a break onscreen, and it appears that his planned franchise did not.

Sony's Spider-Man Universe revolves around "Venom", "Morbius" and other characters. It seems that plans for a new Sinister Six are in place, even though Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man will not be facing them in combat. His triumphant return to Spider-Man: No Way Home was well-received. We hope that we will see the rest of his story in the MCU. The "X-Men" films are a bit chaotic due to inconsistent timelines, rapid continuity mistakes, and a lot of misrepresented characters. We still enjoy the ride. Fox made the prequel film, "X-Men: First Class," after a few missteps. This soft reboot brought some much-needed air to the franchise. The franchise was ready to be remade into something great after a further reboot with the time travel shenanigans of "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Then came "X-Men: Apocalypse." Although "X-Men: Apocalypse is not the worst of "X-Men", it was a disappointing film for many. The film's ending teased a new direction that the "X-Men films" could take. After adapting Apocalypse (one of the X-Men’s most formidable foes) to the big screen, this teaser showed men from Essex Corporation taking Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine's blood for their master Nathaniel Essex, aka Mr. Sinister.

His work in genetic manipulation and cloning was his most prominent accomplishment. The promise of Mr. Sinister was an exciting prospect for long-time X-fans. With the new world of "X-Men", the possibilities were limitless. Unfortunately, Mr. Sinister did not appear in any live-action "X-Men” project. The next film was a poor adaptation of the "Dark Phoenix Saga", which was somehow worse than the original attempt in "X-Men. The Last Stand." Wolverine's blood was used to create Laura in "Logan," so that's something. "Justice League" is the most controversial superhero movie of recent years. The 2017 theatrical version of "Justice League" -- largely directed by Joss Whedon - leaves much to be desired and has been criticized as one of the worst superhero films ever made. "Zack Snyder’s Justice League" however, is much better and some consider it to be the best of the genre. No matter which version you prefer they share a similar scene that teases expansion of DC Universe. After Steppenwolf is defeated by the Justice League, Lex Luthor summons Deathstroke (aka Slade Wilson) to help him establish a "league of their own". Although Lex appears to be interested in creating an Injustice League or Legion of Doom for themselves, Warner Brothers seems not to be interested as neither sequels will likely be released in the near future.

The Justice League appears to be in disarray due to Ray Fisher's departure from DC Universe, the cancellations of three "Wonder Woman” films, and the firings of Henry Cavill as Superman. Strangely, Ben Affleck will reportedly return as Batman in "The Flash" and for "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom", which both have retained their main stars. However, it is unlikely that either Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, or Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke will be returning. It seems like Lex won't get his own League. After years of studying the magic arts, the first Doctor Strange saw the hero transform into the Sorcerer Supreme. The Ancient One (Tilda Swainton) guided Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), to become the most powerful sorcerer. But he wasn't the only one. Karl Mordo, a sorcerer based on Baron Mordo from Marvel Comics, was another mentor who helped Strange realize his destiny. However, Strange left the magical order after the Ancient One and Strange had broken many rules. The film's final credits show that Mordo (Chiwetel Elofor) starts killing others who use the mystic arts, and then steals their power. He believes that the problem with the world is the "too many" sorcerers. Mordo, a fundamentalist, is teased as the next villain in the "Doctor Strange” saga. He hopes to challenge Strange. Although he does not appear in "Avengers: Infinity War," Baron Mordo appears again in "Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness." It's kind of.

The sequel to "Doctor Strange" does not continue the plot line of the original film. Instead, it introduces an alternate Baron Mordo. This alternate Earth-838 world, the Mordo is part of the Illuminati. They are a group that protects and rules their world. He ends up in conflict with Doctor Strange. The MCU's Baron Mordo, however, is still missing and his quest for answers is incomplete. The MCU's "Spider-Man” trilogy is somewhat haphazard. The movies started as a Spider-Man reboot. However, they tie themselves to the larger MCU by including characters such as Iron Man, Talos (disguised in Nick Fury) and Doctor Strange in their main cast. Spidey's rogues are transformed into ex-Stark employees and Iron Man wannabes. No matter how you feel about these changes, the ending credits of Spider-Man: Homecoming teased something quite exciting. Spider-Man has spent "Homecoming" fighting two different Shockers, and the Vulture. Convict Mac Gargan meets Adrian Toomes in prison, who offers to help him kill Spider-Man. Toomes isn't interested in the task, which is strange considering his return to crime in "Morbius," but the scene leads us believe that Mac Gargan, with Toomes' assistance, will eventually take over the role of the Marvel Comics supervillain, the Scorpion.

The next two installments of Tom Holland's "Spider-Man trilogy" completely ignore Scorpion and Vulture and all the plot threads from the original movie. Instead, they tease and then breach the Multiverse, leaving Gargan's fate in doubt. We hope that Spider-Man will one day face new enemies like Scorpion after the appearance of many Spider-Man villains and heroes in "Spider-Man 2: No Way Home". This is the only non-Marvel or DC film on the list. The underrated "Power Rangers” reboot reimagined "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", for a mature audience. The original five Power Rangers begin to learn how to use their new abilities and powers. However, Rita Repulsa returns to Earth to seize the power and enslave the world. The Power Rangers watch over Angel Grove, their coastal community, after defeating the evil empress. The mid-credits scene inspired by "Breakfast Club", the five Rangers continue their school punishments while the teacher calls roll. Tommy Oliver is the name that many "Power Rangers" long-time fans will recognize. Although Tommy is not visible, we can see a green jacket with white logo. This logo was likely inspired by the original Green Ranger and White Ranger uniforms.

Tommy Oliver was originally played in the film by Jason David Frank, who also appeared in a cameo with Amy Jo Johnson. But the "Power Rangers' cast wanted to see Tommy Oliver, the rebooted version of the character, played by a woman and not a man. However, "Power Rangers 2", which was the sequel to the original film, was cancelled before it could be made a reality. The film franchise is now being rebooted. There can only be one Power Ranger, as legendary as Tommy Oliver. The 2005 "Fantastic Four," while not a favorite, was viewed negatively by audiences. However, they were slightly more enthusiastic about the sequel, "Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer". Fans may have been thrilled to see the "Galactus Trilogy", the storyline that inspired the movie, but "Rise of the Silver Surfer," failed to deliver. The Silver Surfer, also known as Norrin Radd, worked well in the "Fantastic Four 2" sequel. The Surfer, played to perfection by Doug Jones and his voice by Laurence Fishburne was a great adaptation of the Marvel character. The story of the Surfer doesn't stop there. He sacrifices his life to save the Earth and Galactus from consuming it. The Fantastic Four celebrate the saving of their world while a left-for dead Surfer glides through the cosmos. In the final credits scene Radd wakes up and calls his board to him. This establishes that he is still alive. Although initial reports suggested that a Silver Surfer spinoff was being considered, it quickly fell apart (via AMC TV).

After the 2015 reboot of "Fantastic Four", and the acquisition of Fox by Disney - which also included the X-Men characters and Fantastic Four franchises - it seems that the final tease of "Rise of the Silver Surfer," will never be more than that. However, we may see the Silver Surfer fly again. None of the DCEU films have been more criticized than "Suicide Squad." The film is as messy behind the scenes as it is on the screen. There are issues with the "David Ayer" cut and the heavy studio interference to Jared Leto’s problematic on-set behavior. The film's highlights were Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, Will Smith's Deadshot, and Ben Affleck as Batman. But the rest is a mess. In a scene mid-credits, Amanda Waller, Task Force X commander, and Bruce Wayne are reunited in "Suicide Squad". This is as they prepare for "Justice League" next year. Waller suggests that she knows something about Bruce's dark side, making Bruce even more passionate. He threatens to shut down Task Force X if Waller does not. Although it's only a brief exchange, it teases a possible showdown between these two groups.

The Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder's Justice League were released. There was no mention of this rivalry. It seems that Batman's threats seem hollow. Even though the League appeared in the final season of "Peacemaker." It doesn't appear that we will soon see a Suicide Squad vs. Justice League fight on the big screen, unlike in DC comics and video games. Did you know that "Daredevil," the movie starring Ben Affleck, had a scene in the middle of the credits? Before th