The ‘No. 1 question' Ark Invest's Cathie Wood gets on her website

The most popular question on Ark Invest's website has nothing to do with investing in the U.S., according to the firm's CEO Cathie Wood.

The ‘No. 1 question' Ark Invest's Cathie Wood gets on her website

Cathie Wood, CEO and Chief Investment Office of Ark Invest, says that the most frequently asked question on the company's website is not about investing in the U.S.

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Wood's firm increased its exposure to Europe by purchasing the Rize ETF Limited last month from AssetCo.

Wood stated, "We discovered this little jewel of a business inside AssetCo. It is similar to Ark in terms of DNA and philosophy." They know what is in their portfolios. They are very future-oriented, and thematically focused. They have a sustainability orientation, which is essential in Europe."

She estimates that 25% of the total demand for Ark research strategies comes from Europe.

Wood stated that "we're very impressed with their own research and due-diligence." "We saw this during the deal and I believe we will be able to get off the ground quickly if regulators in the US approve our strategies. We'd also like to spread their strategies around the world, including in the US.

Wood's firm

According to the firm, Ark has approximately $25 billion of assets under management. FactSet reported that Ark's top 5 holdings as of September 30 were








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