‘This is on us': Owner talks decision to shutter Davidson restaurant, Hot Mess, for revamp after two weeks

Hot Mess, a Davidson restaurant, has shut down temporarily to improve its execution.

‘This is on us': Owner talks decision to shutter Davidson restaurant, Hot Mess, for revamp after two weeks

After just two weeks of business, the Davidson restaurant Hot Mess temporarily closed to improve its execution.

Robert Maynard, a Charlotte Business Journal reporter, said today that closing the business was the best way to fix the operational problems. Robert Maynard is the CEO of Won Life Holdings, and co-founder of Famous Toastery.

Maynard stated, 'I do not believe it is fair for paying customers to be educated on their own dime.' This is our fault.

On April 20, he invested approximately $500,000 in the venture, which he opened with Jennifer Brule, a chef friend and restaurant veteran. The former Davidson Ice House at 416 S. Main St. is now home to the new venture.

The concept offers burgers as well as lobster rolls, bowls and proprietary seasoning blends. The Smash Burger comes with three options: brule, noisy or a mess -- add cheese sauce, proprietary seasoning or house-made pork chops. Brule was inspired by her Cape Cod roots when she created the Clawbster Rolls, Lobster Chowders and New England Nachos. The bowls are available in a variety of flavors, including South of the Border, Tokyo Teriyaki, and build-your-own. They also offer chicken sandwiches, tenders, and side dishes.

Maynard claims that he has heard too many people say they wish Hot Mess was different.

"At the end, the food and service are not up to par." He says that anything else he said would be an excuse.

He anticipates that the restaurant will be reopened within 45 days. He estimates that the restaurant will close for about $50,000.

I don't really care about how it looks. We made the bed. Maynard said, "We expect - and people expect - operational excellence." This is a lesson on full ownership. I am more concerned with making things right and doing hard work.

Closing was more sensible than dragging along while trying to deal with issues simultaneously. The company is addressing everything from the placement of ketchup, mustard and other condiments on the table to the type plateware used. The service process and menu execution are being improved. Food was inconsistent and not up to standard.

He says, "We are not amateurs." "We didn't hit the target, and I am personally sick of people not owning it."

Closing allows you to refine your operations and focus on the execution of future plans.

Maynard: 'You need to go all-in, otherwise it won't work.

The brand should be able to continue growing as a result of this operational overhaul. He believes there is room for more Hot Mess locations in Charlotte and throughout the Carolinas.

The main thing is to do it correctly. We have a plan. I don't think of it as a single location.