Twitter executive responsible for content safety resigns after Elon Musk criticism

A top Twitter executive responsible for safety and content moderation is leaving the company, according to a report.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) - A top Twitter executive in charge of safety and content moderation left the company. Her departure came shortly after Elon Musk, the owner of the company publicly complained about how the platform handled posts on transgender issues.

The departure of Musk reflects a new wave of unrest among Twitter's top officials since Musk assumed control last year.

Ella Irwin confirmed her resignation as Twitter's director of trust and security in two tweets sent late on Friday. She did not explain why she left in her message, but it came after Musk criticised Twitter's handling tweets regarding a conservative media's documentary questioning transgender medical treatments for children and teenagers.

Musk responded to complaints made by Jeremy Boreing. Boreing is the co-CEO at the Daily Wire, a media company. Boreing claimed in tweets and retweets from conservative commentators on Thursday that Twitter suppressed the movie by flagging its posts as hate speech.

Boreing tweeted Twitter canceled a deal for a premiere of 'What is a Woman' "Two instances of "misgendering" led to the cancellation of the deal for a free premiere of 'What is a Woman?' Twitter's rules forbid the intentional misgendering of transgender people.

This was a huge mistake made by Twitter. Musk replied, "It is absolutely allowed." It is rude to not use someone's preferred pronouns.

Irwin wrote on Friday that "one or two people" noticed she had left the company a day earlier, and noted speculation as to whether she had been fired or quit. She teased she would be posting 24 tweets explaining her departure.

She then posted that she had a good laugh about the lengthy narrative.

"In all seriousness I did resign, but this was a once-in-a lifetime experience, and I'm thankful to have been able to work with this amazing group of passionate, hardworking and creative people. Will be cheering for you all on Twitter!

Irwin, next to Musk was the voice most vocal in recent months about the ever-changing policies of the company regarding content.

Since Musk bought Twitter in October for $44 billion, Twitter has been struggling to attract advertisers who have been turned off by his drastic changes and loosened rules against hate speech. Linda Yaccarino is the incoming Twitter CEO. She has decades of experience in media and advertising, but has not yet started.

The Associated Press' requests for comment to Irwin or Twitter were not answered.

Since the billionaire Tesla owner purchased the San Francisco-based company and took them private, Twitter has seen mass layoffs as well as voluntary departures. After the takeover the company's director of trust and security left, and the turnover at the top has continued. Twitter let go two more managers last month.