Why Israel's approach to Gaza could backfire

President Joe Biden's efforts to convince Israelis to consider the implications of an invasion of Gaza have not been successful. If Israel proceeds with the invasion without committing to a two-state…

Why Israel's approach to Gaza could backfire

RBI Governor: Interest rates will remain high for now

Shaktikanta das, governor of the Reserve Bank of India said that interest rates would remain high. He did not give any indication of a possible easing of interest rates. Das stated that monetary policy must be 'actively deflationary' in order to maintain the recent decline in retail prices.

For NewGen, "Auspicious" is an all-year period

Marketers have noted a generational change and a far greater level of impulse consumption than before. Young Indians are increasingly choosing to ignore traditional religious practices associated with Shradh or Navratri, such as refraining from buying expensive items and consuming non-vegetarian foods and alcohol.

Look to Reduce Debt Burden : FM

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister, said that on Friday, the government was looking to reduce its debt burden and had already turned to prudent spending, resisting the temptation to fiscal profligacy. This is especially true after the pandemic to avoid burdening future generation.