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1 in 8 adults in the US has taken Ozempic or another GLP-1 drug, KFF survey finds

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About 1 in 8 adults in the United States have used a GLP-1 drug like Ozempic or Mounjaro, with about 6% of adults currently using a prescription. The US FDA has reported shortages of these medications due to high demand. A recent survey found that most adults used GLP-1 drugs to manage chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease, while others used them solely for weight loss. Despite Medicare not covering prescription weight-loss drugs, over 60% of adults believe policy should be changed. The high cost of GLP-1 drugs has led some adults to seek alternatives. The FDA has warned against compounded versions of semaglutide. Most adults obtain these drugs from healthcare providers, but some obtain them from online sources or medical spas. The survey was based on responses from nearly 1,500 adults.