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For adults, autism diagnosis can unlock a new life

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John Frizzell, a Hollywood film score composer, recently received a positive diagnosis of autism after being evaluated at the suggestion of a friend. This diagnosis has brought clarity and a sense of belonging to Frizzell, who has composed music for films and documentaries. Adults who are diagnosed with autism later in life often experience a similar catharsis and find a new sense of identity and community. However, while there are support services available for autistic children, autistic adults are generally underserved. Employment rates for autistic adults are low, and mental health challenges such as loneliness and suicidal thoughts are common. As a result, more adults are seeking formal autism diagnoses, but waiting lists and costs for evaluations can be significant. In the absence of diagnostic tests, self-diagnosis is also common, although it can have limitations. Organizations and initiatives are emerging to provide support, resources, and opportunities for autistic adults. These efforts aim to address the needs and improve the lives of this growing community.